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The construction and design of a superior sounding violin requires thoughtful craftsmanship. 

The process begins with the finest of materials. All of my violins are constructed from hand-selected European Spruce: Picea abies, and Sycamore Maple: Acer pseudoplatanus. These are grown at high altitudes in the alps, which enables the wood to grow slowly, ensuring tight and even grain lines and a high density, this provides a much greater quality of material to work with, and a beautiful end result. 

The violin making process requires over 3,000 meticulous measurements which define the final product. My general outlines take great influence from Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesu. However, each individual step requires great care and attention and must be delicately refined by each luthier personally.


The varnish I use on all of my violins is my own tried and tested formula and includes colophony sourced especially from Russia. 

Set up and fitting will be specifically tailored to the needs of each and every musician. 



If you would like to commission an instrument please arrange for a meeting with me where we can discuss your specific requirements and lead times. 

I pride myself in offering a deposit free, no pressure service to all my clients.


Upon finishing your instruments you will receive a 30 day trial period to ensure your satisfaction with the instrument. Furthermore I offer 2 years of free tonal adjusting on every instrument purchased.


If required I am more than happy to discuss the option of a payment plan with you. 


I specialise in Set-up, restoration and making. I do not take on small jobs such as changing a string or tuning up.

Prices are based on £80-100 per hour plus material:

                                         VLN/ CEL

MINIMUM CHARGE                   £30           

Consultation (20mins)              £30            

New Bridge                    £260/£380

New Soundpost            £70-120/ £80-120

New Pegs                      £160/ £190

Plane Fingerboard          £90/£110-140

Clean                      £80+ / £120+

New Endpin               £30/ £70+ endpin

Front off                £300-450/ £420+

Back off                 £360-480/ £450+

New Fingerboard     £550-650 / £650-750

Neck re-set              £700-900 / £800-950

     Cracks               £250- £600 per crack

Soundpost patch          £360+ / £380+

         String up                         £25/£30


                       I do NOT do any bow work              

All prices are guides and can be subject to change.

To get the very best for your instrument talk to me directly on 07702 190 488 and I will be happy to help.

TRADE PRICE- Work carried out under concealed concession is 30% extra on labour.

                        Work carried out with full transparency to all parties is standard rate.

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